Multi-Layer Extruder & Cutting Machine

To provide its customers with complete packaging solutions PRPL has taken a big leap in the direction and is introducing a new sophisticated plant of Co-extruded seamless plastic tubes in India. The state-of-art plant along with the best combination of machines, experienced personnel and high quality standards are deployed to produce top quality of tubes as per customers requirement and to add more in dust free environment.


Plastic material has its own characters. In co-extrusion system. We use and combine several kinds of materials. Therefore. The characters of single layer tube can't compete with the complex characters of co-extrusion tube. Our 2 or 5 layer Co-Ex tube extruders which has a speed of 200 tubes per minute.

  • Extensive color combination( using: PE+PEARL/PE+PIGMENT)
  • Excellent barrier property ( using: PE/TIE RESIN/EVOH/TIE RESIN/PE)
  • Scratch and dust free( using: LDPE/LDPE/LLDPE)

Fully Automatic Injection Heading Machine GCH4000

Our Injection Heading Machines which has a speed of 200 tubes per minute.

Injection Heading Machine


  • 4-station horizontal indexing type with 4 mandrel
  • A perfect shape of shoulder and neck
  • High efficiency & flexibility



Dry Offset Printing Machine

Our Six color Dry Offset  printing  with high glossy surface enhancing the  quality of the tube. which has a speed of 160 tubes per minute.

Dry Offset Printing Machine


  • Precise index ensures accuracy of every movement. It is easy to disassemble the printing mandrel.
  • Tube feeding system works with detector. Coating mechanism will not move. Without tubes on mandrels.


Automatic Drilling & Capping Machine

Automatic Drilling & Capping Machine

Our Automatic Drilling & Capping Machine has a capicity of 80 thousand tubes per day with label application and induction sealing on tubes.




Hot Foil Stamping Machine

Hot  Foil Stamping Machine

In addition, we have foil stamping as one of the decoration option, which adds value to your product. Foil stamping in golden, silver and colored foils enhances the beauty of your product. Foil stamping can be done on Tubes as well as Caps.





Screen Printing Machine

Screen Printing Machine

Coming soon...

Injection Molding Machine(For cap Molding)

Injection Molding Machine

We have in house facility to produce Screw type caps & Flip Top Caps. We are manufacturing screw type caps from 19 mm dia to 50 mm dia. We also manufacturer Flip top caps of 35 mm dia, 40 mm dia and 50 mm dia.